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Services can be booked individually or as part of a comprehensive wellness program.

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Had a fantastic massage yesterday with Jean-Daniel Boudreau. He did a movement assessment, then a very skilled massage. I felt great afterwards.

Gabrielle Samson
3 weeks ago

(Translated by Google) Jean-Daniel explains everything he does and makes sure you are comfortable. It was really a great experience! (Original) Jean-Daniel explique tout ce qu'il fait et assure que tu sois confortable. C'était vraiment une belle expérience!

abhie dulay
a month ago

Highly Recommended! Me and my husband as first timers, got the best experience from YKPT. Vu,our massage therapist is amazing! Kaylah is accommodating. YKPT will be our go to clinic from now on. 👏🏼

Sai Pooja
3 months ago

Mary Jane Quesada
3 months ago

Outstanding work as my physiotherapist to Adam, Not only are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in his profession, but a kind and compassionate nature make every session a pleasure. I appreciate how he take a holistic approach to my well-being, recognizing that my physical health is closely tied to my mental and emotional well-being. His willingness to listen to my concerns and work with me to create a personalized treatment plan has made a world of difference in my overall health. His chuckle service is one of my favorite parts of our sessions together. His sense of humor and ability to lighten the mood has helped me to relax and feel at ease during what can sometimes be a challenging process. I Thank him for always going above and beyond to ensure that I am receiving the best possible care. His dedication to his profession and his patients is truly inspiring. I feel incredibly fortunate to have him as my physiotherapist and look forward to continuing our work together.

El Bonnevie
5 months ago

Massage was excellent 🙌 thank you Vu!

Susan Saunders
5 months ago

I appreciate all the staff and therapists I’ve seen there. I appreciate the easy booking, payments and paperless receipts.

Merzyl Anctil
6 months ago

Excellent experience

JD is a fantastic massage therapist.

Dave Janes
a year ago

Seen Adam Bailey today and got unbelievable service. Very Courtesy and knows what he is doing. Great with explaining things that I need to do at home and office to help with my shoulder issue. Would highly recommend.

a year ago

Sheelagh was wonderful and gave a very thorough massage in the limited time I had booked! They also provided exercises for me to do at home to help stretch out tense areas. I would absolutely book again. All the massage therapists I have seen at YKPT have been great.

I have been to a multitude of massage therapists over the last 20-years. They have all been successful. Dare I say superlative. Today I experienced the most knowledgeable, intuitive, and in-depth therapist. Sheelagh conducts an initial assessment of your situation, highlights the approach she will use, and instructs you on how they will affect your physical being. When you are on the table, she works with you to address the trigger points, stress points, and applies the appropriate massage to release the pressure. This is the most thorough, instructive, and healing massage I have ever experienced. Fantastic!

Jill Alain
2 years ago

I was able to make an appointment in a short timeframe to see PT Adam. He was well-prepared, thorough, and a great listener, and provided me with an easy-to-follow yet personalized plan. I would recommend him to anyone!

Nicole Brown
a year ago

I had my first massage today and Vu was amazing!! She is so caring, gentle and you will definitely be in good hands. I never experienced anything so good, my feet loved it!!

PM Rybs
a year ago

This was my first visit and by the end of the session Amanda was able to pinpoint the pain I was having in my back and what should be done to rid of it I left feeling confident that things will get better. She also provided a list of exercises that are really helping me.

Tommy Jorge
4 years ago

This place is amazing. I spoke with and dealt with Adam Bailey and was very satisfied with his extensive knowledge, patience, and thoroughness of our appointment. I was at first detered of the price but decided to stick it out and I'm very happy I did. If you're a YKer in need of physiotherapy I would recommend coming here over waiting 5-6 months at Stanton.

Christal Kelly
a year ago

This was my first time visiting a physiotherapist, so I was very nervous. I was referred because of some knee issues. The physiotherapist, Grecia Delgadillo, was very nice, patient and very thorough. I feel well looked after and confident in her knowledge and abilities.

Kally Moorhouse
3 years ago

I had the most amazing massage of my life! LCP has great customer service and their space is clean and well maintained. I highly recommend Vudzirai! I will definitely be going back.

Elaine Gamo
a year ago

I was very satisfied with Vu’s service.. I felt very relaxed and my muscles were loosen up especially my back and shoulder which were stiff and compromised from working. I would love another session.

Vu did a wonderful workover on the glutes, quads, and calves. Highly recommend her.

My experience here was wonderful. I immediately saw a noticeable improvement with my symptoms. I strongly recommend this place. Amanda is Highly experienced professional.

I have been very impressed by my experience with physiotherapy at this LCP Health location in Yellowknife. I appreciated the systematic approach taken to determine the source of my injury and that working with the physiotherapist was a collaborative process in which great care was taken to achieve an optimal outcome for me. I have noticed dramatic improvement in my condition in a short time, and the quality of patent care here has been outstanding in my experience thus far. In addition, the customer service is exceptional and the facility and employees are very welcoming. The studio is also very well appointed with clean and modern equipment. I think that anyone looking for physiotherapist should look into LCP Health! This clinic seems to be an underutilized resource in Yellowknife that many could leverage to improve their health and wellbeing.

This is my first time at the clinic and i found it to be profesional ,courteous and extremely clean. Very pleasant and great atmosphere.

Nick Coad
a year ago

For the first time in over two years I was able to get a good nights sleep. The Physiotherapist that help me with my nerve pain in my elbow was able to figure out the cause and treat it. I have tried similar places in town but no one helped me and were more focused on making money rather then helping patients.

Mario Cerna
a year ago

Grecia is a really good Physiotherapist, she is very methodic and checks out everything. My knee feels better now.

Adam and Amanda are amazing! I've seent them both throughout the years and have had great results. I high recommend these two for your physio needs.

2 years ago

Great experience in all respects. Patient, through, explained everything. Definitely going back.

Gopi Rajkumar
a year ago

Jean-Daniel Boudreau is an amazing Therapist. Without jumping into massage, He took some time and identified the root cause of my pain and started the treatment. I was so relieved and pain free when I left their place. He deserves a 5* for the work he did.

Peter Taylor
2 years ago

The massage therapy we received was excellent. Very clean office and professional staff. Will go back again!

Carrie Monks
a year ago

Sheighla was excellent. She listened and worked on the areas in need. Thank you.

Amanda was very informative and helpful with my issue. Positive feedback and encouraging. Thanks for the help!

Been going here regularly for 2 years My husband and I love our monthly Massages with Vu

Nnamdi Okoroegbu
2 years ago

Amazing service! Friendly staff and they are really professional people 10/10 would recommend

Katya Faucher
9 months ago

Would give 6 stars if I could. Thank you Sheelagh Stevens.

Alison Reddick
4 years ago

I love VU .. she is a wonderful amazing person! Does deep deep massages 😁

Justin Lui
4 years ago

I am an avid cross country skier and Adam got me back to 100% after I suffered a knee sprain. Thanks Adam!

Yusur Al Bahrani
8 months ago

Friendly staff and a very clean space

Kelsie Auger
2 years ago

I appreciate you all helping me get back to normal and I love the homework excerises

a year ago

Excellent care and awesome Staff!

Philip Anderson
2 years ago

Adam from YKPT is simply amazing.

Dean Hendrickson
4 years ago

This is a top notch organization

Ioannis Labrakis
3 years ago

Amazing professional service

Amber Kelly
a year ago

Sherif Hanna
a year ago

Carl Aussenegg
9 months ago