A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.

Facilitation of Return to Work and duty to accommodate can be multi-faceted and complex; therefore, it can be beneficial to have a third party provide objective measurable modifications at the worksite. Modifications may include work tasks and/or hours to facilitate gradual return to the target job, as well as advice regarding medical and psychiatric symptom control and body mechanics/ergonomics

Ergonomic Assessment

Individual ergonomic assessments are tailored to the worker. The therapist works directly with the worker to provide an in-depth, expert consideration of the worker, in terms of their work demands, workstation, existing work or non-work related pathology as well as individualized anthropometric considerations.

Adjustments to the work environment and routine to decrease risks of injury and increase productivity may be made on the day of the assessment.

Ergonomic Presentation

A cost effective method to provide education to office and/or industrial workers and teach employees how to use their bodies in the most efficient and least detrimental ways. These training workshops can be tailored to provide workers with the knowledge to change their working habits and their work environment (i.e. reposition their tools, furniture, and equipment) to reduce stress on their bodies, thus reducing risks of discomfort and injury.

The training program is combined with a brief individual review to assist with modifications and overcoming minor individual complaints. A short report outlining recommendations and modifications made at the time of the workshop will assist the workers with future equipment considerations and purchases. YKPT provides a training manual for future reference with the presentation to each participant.