Functional Capacity Evaluations

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Health assessments can be a source of dispute between individuals and insurers, employers and government agencies, but with YKPT Assessment Services — the NT’s largest team of healthcare assessment, disability management and dispute resolution experts — you can expect quality medical evaluations that help claimants, employers and insurers alike. 

Functional Capacity Evaluation

The FCE is the cornerstone of a worker’s rehabilitation plan. An FCE provides the assessment of the worker’s physical capability to perform the specific job demands of the pre-injury or target occupation. The comparisons are made for strength, mobility, agility, and dexterity and measurements are provided in weight, frequency, and force. YKPT is the only company certified to conduct Functional Capacity Evaluations in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Cognitive FCE is a specific evaluation that assesses the functional impairment of a worker’s memory, attention, planning, problem solving, learning, impulsivity and tolerance for multiple demands. The evaluation may include a standardized assessment of cognition functioning in addition to observations of functional everyday tasks. The evaluation will outline the impact of changes in cognitive function and recommend customized strategies.