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Maggie Sparling, Physiotherapist

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Maggie Sparling (MPT), graduated in 2013 from Western University with a Masters in Physiotherapy.

Maggie takes an active, exercise-based approach to physiotherapy. With four years of experience working as a personal trainer, and over a decade of experience in the strength training world, she integrates her passion for fitness into her practice in a way that is empowering for her clients. With a focus on behaviour change, and exclusive one-on-one care, Maggie is able to take a full body, whole person approach to therapy.

She believes in addressing posture and mechanics, as well as teaching her clients preventative self-maintenance to create lifelong change. Maggie believes in the value of physiotherapy not only after injury has occurred, but also as a preventative way to make healthy bodies even more resilient. She uses very few passive modalities in her practice, and instead focuses on movement, strength, and mobility.

Continuing Education

Since working as a physiotherapist, Maggie has continued to upgrade her skills and knowledge by taking a variety of post-graduate courses and workshops such as: ​

  • Masters of Physical Therapy, Western University (2013)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland (2008)

  • AFCI: Foundation of anatomical acupuncture certification (2014)

  • Craniosacral therapy 1 certification from Upledger Institute (2015)

  • Manual therapy level 1

  • Integrative Fascial Therapy: Anterior Thoracic & Pelvic Region (2018)

  • Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function (2020)

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