Haudry Escandon, Massage Therapist

Originally from Colombia, Haudry has lived in Quebec for 20 years and came to Yellowknife to experience the adventure of the territories and improve her English. She completed her degree in Massage Therapy at the Corp et Âme school in Quebec, and is a member of the Association de Massothérapeutes du Québec (RMQ).

Haudry has over 9 years of experience in massage therapy and herbal medicine. She offers Prenatal Massages, Youth Massages, Sports Massages, Pain Treatment Massages and Therapeutic Massages. She uses manual techniques to work deep muscle tissue, manipulation points of tension and mobilization, accompanied by a natural practice of herbal medicine and biomagnetism. Haudry enjoys relieving pain, and believes the best results are through natural approaches and a having healthy lifestyle.

On her time off, Haudry enjoys dancing, Zumba, biking, and walking in nature. She also enjoys reading, which is linked to a good state of life, and it’s something she likes to share. Haudry is pleased to provide treatments and share her passion in French or Spanish.