Kaeleigh has worked as a Physiotherapist since 2012 in both private and public sectors, and has practiced in Yellowknife since 2015. She only offers pelvic floor physiotherapy services and has extensive training, including treatment for bladder leakage, bowel control issues, pelvic organ prolapse, children’s pelvic floor issues, diastasis rectus abdominus (abdominal muscle separation) and pain disorders (e.g., pain with intimacy, bladder pain, prostatitis). Her treatment philosophy centers around the importance of time: scheduling longer appointments to ensure a thorough assessment and treatment plan is developed, giving clients sufficient amounts of time to incorporate lifestyle changes and exercises into their daily routines, and acknowledging the body and nervous system need time to adapt and change in response to treatment.

Kaeleigh enjoys a variety of outdoor activities (snowboarding, running, hiking, mountain and fat biking), plays the violin in the Borderless Art Movement orchestra, and has recently returned to school to pursue a PhD in Public Health.